The Robles Siblings

      L-R back row: Gertrudis, Eulogia L-R front row: Rafael, Miguel


Our family history begins with Rita Luna & Francisco Robles.  Who, to the best of my knowledge, originated in Hermosillo, Sonora,  Mexico.  In addition to the children pictured to the left, they may have had other children. 

The names that have bee mentioned to me are daughters, Luz, (FOUND HER), Concepcion, and sons Francisco (FOUND HIM!….see his photo above left), Plutarco (FOUND HIM, TOO, February 2010, thanks to his granddaughter Leila Aldana Garcia, middle picture), and Andres (FOUND HIM!…see his photo on the left).

Recently, Harvey Provencio, a Robles relative on his mother Ida’s side, mentioned that he had heard of a village not too far from Hermosillo that consists mainly of Robleses! In the not too distant future I anticipate a trip to that village, if it still exists, to continue my genealogical research of our ancestors.  At a minimum, I am going to visit Hermosillo.  Who knows how far back we may go or to where?  Is there anyone else out there reading this who has done research on the family?

Harvey has been instrumental in providing many photos to this website and I have credited those photos accordingly.  He is a fellow researcher for his father’s family Provencio.  Muchas Gracias Harvey.

Since October of 2005 I have been contacted or have contacted many family members who have contributed generously to this site in one way or another.   Susan Robles Shutlz, Anna-Maria Reyes Madrid, Frank Robles Martinez, Pete Robles, Eloisa Robles Salas, Concha Robles Talamante, Sylvia Robles Vasquez, Tomas Aldana and many others have provided family history, photos or welcomed me into their homes for the sake of family research.  Others like Vivian Robles Durazo has been more than a cousin to me.  She continually encourages me to continue researching.  The Provencio/Munoz families have welcomed me to their family reunions where I have met precious Rosa, gregarious Lupe & Sally, the Storyteller Ricardo, and the ever charming Tibo.

My life has been enriched by each and every family encounter.  May you feel the same as you look through these pages. 

This site belongs to all who call themselves Robles by blood or by marriage.  Your comments are welcomed.  And by all means, if you discover an incorrect date, spelling, etc. please bring it to my attention. 

Susan Valerio Long, Great-great granddaughter of Francisco & Rita