Vicente Miguel Luna Robles

 Born: 1864 – Died: 1939

It was my very good fortune to have been contacted by email today by Vivian Robles Durazo who is the great granddaughter of Francisco.

Until today I had only heard there was possibly another brother named Francisco, but Vivian is the living link to the certainty that Francico is the brother to Miguel, Gertridus (Tula), Rafael, and Eulogia (Chata).

Vivian was able to provide quite a bit of lineage information.  So here goes…..Francisco Luna Robles was married to Bernarda (aka Everarda) Laborin.  According to their granddaughter Carmen Robles Carrillo, Everarda died at an early age from an accident leaving Francisco to raise their seven children.  Carmen believes that Everada is most likely buried in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.  They had six sons: Francisco Laborin Robles (Vivian’s grandfather), Arturo, Enrique, Jesus Maria, Gilberto, Manuel, and one daughter named Refugio (married name Burrola).  As is the custom, the sons used Laborin as their middle name.

Vivian’s grandfather Francisco Laborin Robles married Romula Alvarez.  Their sons were Gregorio Alvarez Robles (Vivian’s father), Gilberto, Jose, Jesus, and Francisco.  Their middle name was Alvarez after their mother with the possible exception of Jesus….Vivian wasn’t sure of his middle name.  Petra Marta Robles Galindo, Carmen Robles Carrillo, and Magdalene Robles Martinez are their daughters.

Vivian’s father Gregorio married Juan Gonzalez.  Gregorio was born on May 9, 1927 and passed away from lung cancer on September 15, 2002.  They had four sons whose names are Gregorio A. Robles, Jr., Ruben G. Robles, Frank G. Robles, and Jesus Maria Robles.  Their two daughters are Vivian and Maria Eugenia (Jena) Robles Martinez.

Vivian is married to Alejandro (Alex) N. Durazo.  They have a lively household of five daughters by the names of Lauren C., Sarah A, Vanessa A., Michelle A., and Gabrielle C. Durazo.  They also had a son who died shortly after birth.  She mentioned that she is a grandmother to Jaden Alexander whose mother is Vanessa.  Jaden is the great-great-great-great grandson of our common ancestors Francisco & Rita Robles.