Maria de la Luz Robles Bustamante

Born: Uknown  Died: Uknown

Luz married a man named Genaro Bustamante Nunez.  And while we do not know her date of birth, we do know his.  Genaro was born in 1867.  So, given the era of time they lived, it’s reasonable to assume that she was born in 1867 or later.

They had 10 children that I have identified so far.  Including 2 daughters who they named Luz.  One died as an infant and another married a man named Joaquin Villaescusa Rodriquez.  Their other children were Maria Concepcion, Josefina, Ramona, Lucero, Guadalupe, Elena, Mariana, and Amador.

There is something especially interesting about the Luz line.  I mentioned that their daughter Luz married Joaquin Villaescusa Rodriguez.  Joaquin also had Robles blood.  His father was the son of Merced Robles & Joaquin Villaescusa.  Merced’s parents were Miguel Robles & Teresa Bustamante.  Miguel’s parents were Pedro Robles & Guadalupe Lopez.  Pedro’s parents were Francisco Robles & Paula Quijada.

Luz & Joaquin had five children, Isaura, Maria Amelia, Mercedes, Joaquin and Irma Luz who join our two Robles households together.  A line that goes back to the 1700’s.

Luz’s mother Luz who married Genaro Bustamante also joins us to that same Robles house. Genaro also shared Robles blood.  His grandparents were Ramona Robles & Jose Bustamante.  Ramona’s parents were Pedro Robles & Guadalupe Lopez and her grandparents were Francisco Robles & Paula Quijada.  

Miguel Robles and Ramona Robles were brother and sister and they both had descendants who married into our Luz line. 

In fact, Genaro Bustamante was both the father-in-law of his daughter’s husband Joaquin and also Joaquin’s 3rd cousin.

It is difficult to envision what I have written so I include a chart for you to review my thoughts. 

Notice that brother & sister Miguel & Ramona Robles both married Bustamante’s……….Teresa & Jose.  It could be that Teresa & Jose are brother & sister, though I have not researched that.  At a minimum Teresa & Jose are cousins.