Gregoria Basiliza Perfecta Robles

Born: April 15, 1880 Died: Unknown

In the parish of Ures, on the 18th day of April 1880, I, the priest in charge, baptized an only daughter born three days before, whose name is Gregoria Basiliza Perfecta, legitimate daughter of of Francisco Robles and Rita Luna. 

The Godparents were Eligio Grijalva and Gregoria Calderon, of which I gave notice of their godparents spiritual obligations.

I sign this as furtherance of proof. 

Fr. Jose Juan Peres Serrano 

Research results in discovery of facts. And it is a fact that 130 years after her birth in March of 2010 I located a baptismal record for another daughter of Francisco and Rita.   Her name is Gregoria.

Up to this point, I had not heard her mentioned by anyone in the family.  Now, I need to locate the research that will tell us her story.  That will tell us if she lived to adulthood and married or had children of if, perhaps, she died in childhood.