Gertrudis Susana Robles Buttner

Born: December 17, 1881 Died: November 10, 1963

Gertrudis, known to the family as Tula or Tulita, was my great grandfather Miguel’s sister.  She was my great-great aunt.

Gertrudis married a gentleman by the name of Harvey Serna Buttner on June 17, 1907.  They actually got married twice.  Once in front of the Justice of the Peace who happened to be Harvey’s brother Morris and once in St. Bernard’s Catholic Church in Douglas, Arizona on July 23, 1917.

They had seven children.  Here she is pictured with her oldest daughter Ida.  There were three more daughters by the names of Eva, Luisa and Rosa.  Eva and Luisa are deceased but Rosa lives in Oxnard, California.  The sons were Oscar (deceased) and Marcos Leopoldo (who goes by the name Leo).  Leo is alive and living in Oxnard with his wife Eleanor.  UPDATE:  Eleanor passed away in August of 2008 and Leo in 2015. 

They also had a daughter by the name of Cecilia who died as an infant.  She was born with a seriously deformed cleft palette which left her unable to nurse or take any kind of nourishment.  There is a picture of her with her siblings below. 



A few more thoughts about Gertrudis.  The double marriage intrigues me. I wonder why after 10 years of marriage they would feel the need to be remarried by the Catholic Church? The first marriage record indicates that Harvey was 34 and Gertrudis was 27.  She married kind of late in life for the times.  It’s sweet that they married twice whatever the reason may have been. It is sad, however, that Harvey died an untimely death in 1919 just months before she gave birth to Leo. Their family photo above depicts them as a lovely young family.

NOTE:  When visiting with Eleanor and Leo in March of 2008, Eleanor who lived with Gertrudis as a newlywed, mentioned to me that Gertrudis had told her that she had been married before she married Harvey.  Eleanor could only recall that the man’s name was Antonio and that Gertrudis had told her that he had died.  In July of 2008 while researching at the Family History Center in Santa Monica, California I came across a microfilm from the late 1800’s that showed in the index a Gertrudis Robles that had married an Antonio Osuna in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.  I have yet to find the actual document.

NOTE:  Fast forward to 2015 when I came across another micro film that had the death information for Antonio Osuna whcih showed Gertrudis as his spouse.  He died from stomach cancer.  This accounts for her having married Harvey at the older age of 27.  Throughout the years it has been interesting to note that on several baptismal certificates  Antonio and Gertrudis were the godparents.

Gertrudis has been described to me from those who knew her as very tall (around 5’8″), of medium build, black hair and blue eyes.  The height and blue eyes are Robles traits of their generation.  But she also had another Robles trait the extends to the current generation of women….large hands.  It’s true.  Check out the photos of various Robles women.

Gertrudis died in November of 1963 in Pirtleville, Arizona.  There she is buried in the Robles family section of Sacred Heart Cemetery located in Pirtleville off the East side of Hwy 191.