Description   Quantity 
Total Individuals 3,308  
Total Males 1,725 (52.15%)  
Total Females 1,571 (47.49%)  
Total Unknown Gender 12 (0.36%)  
Total Living 2,764  
Total Families 1,021  
Total Unique Surnames 650  
Total Photos 62  
Total Documents 8  
Total Headstones 39  
Total Histories 0  
Total Recordings 0  
Total Videos 0  
Total Sources 0  
Average Lifespan1 53 years, 296 days  
Earliest Birth (Rita LUNA 1838  

 Longest Lived1   Age 
Rosa Robles BUTTNER 101 years 180 days  
Jose Cordova ROBLES 99 years  
Felix JUAREZ 98 years  
Maria Anita ROBLES 97 years  
Paul Fausto VELASCO 97 years  
Marcos Leopoldo BUTTNER 95 years  
Maria Lydia Robles NORIEGA 95 years  
Gilberto Robles FIGUEROA 95 years  
Henry Joe SMITH 94 years 307 days  
Eleonor CHAVEZ 94 years  

1 Age-related calculations are based on individuals with recorded birth and death dates. Due to the existence of incomplete date fields(e.g., a death date listed only as "1945" or "BEF 1860"), these calculations cannot be 100% accurate.

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