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1 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. ALDANA, Gabriel (I3290)
2 2nd Class QUEVADO, Juan (I1277)
3 3rd Clase MOLINA, Jose del Carmen Soto (I802)
4 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. PROVENCIO, Jacob James (I3288)
5 Arthur died at home. SMITH, Arthur Albert (I248)
6 Bartolo remarried on 22 October 1921 to ______ in Naco de Garcia, Sonora, Mexico Family F12
7 Burial was at Evergreen Cemetery. Total bill was $75.00 for the funeral. The responsible party for the bill was her son in law Harvey Buttner. Harvey died in 1919 leaving a balance of $10.00 on the account. I paid the balance in 2006.  LUNA, Rita (I2)
8 Buried in the old Mexican section on top of the mountain of Globe Cemetery. ROBLES, Vicente Miguel Luna (I11)
9 Cause of death was alcoholism  QUEVADO, Juan (I1277)
10 Cause of death: Gall stones, arteriosclerosis BUSTAMANTE, Maria Concepcion (I24)
11 Cause of death: Paro Cardio-respiratorio and Carcinoma epidermoide. OLIVARRIA, Carmen (I1280)
12 Cause of death: Tuberculosis in the heart, kidneys, lungs ROBLES, Rita Lopez (I71)
13 Civil birth registration 16 April 1898, Sonora, Mexico. BUSTAMANTE, Mariana (I30)
14 Civil death registration 3 Nov 1983, Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. MOLINA, Blanca Nievas (I805)
15 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. MUNOZ VALENZUELA, Maria Armida (I132)
16 Civil registration of his birth was 27 August 1921 in Ures, Sonora, Mexico.

His parents were Jose Maria Francisco Villaescusa and Ysaura Rodriguez.

His grandparents were Joaquin Villaescusa and Mercedes Robles.

His great grandparents were Jose Maria Villaescusa and Dolores Durate.

Jose Maria and Dolores Duarte Villaescusa had a daughter by the name of Dolores who married Adolfo Robles. 
17 Civil registration of his birth was 6 Jul 1908.
Cruz was born in Barrio Laragoza, Pitiquito.

His parents Plutarco and Jesus were not married.  
ROBLES, Cruz Medrano (I52)
18 Civil registration was 26 Aug 1925 in Suaqui,Sonora, Mexico MOLINA, Blanca Nievas (I805)
19 Death Certificate says 4th Clase Panteon Muncipal ROBLES RIVERA, Angela (I42)
20 Eulogia Maclovia Robles ROBLES, Maclovia Eulogia (I10)
21 Genealogy #:1 ROBLES LUNA, Andres (I7)
22 Godparents were Antonio Maldonado and Tereza Morales BUSTAMANTE, Maria Victoria Ramona Esperanza (I28)
23 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. MOLINA BUSTAMANTE, Carmen (I804)
24 Godparents were Rafael Romo and Concepcion Nunez.
BUSTAMANTE, Maria Elena (I29)
25 Godparents: Antonio Maldonado and Tereza Morales. Father Jesus Monge performing the baptism. BUSTAMANTE, Maria Concepcion (I24)
26 Grave #15, Section 19, East General, Evergreen Cemetery.
Total cost of funeral was $75.00. The bill was paid by Phelps Dodge Mining Company.

BUTTNER, Harvey (I33)
27 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. TUKA, Ricky Lee (I2641)
28 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. RUIZ, David (I2709)
29 He died at 10:20 a.m. at home. P.O. Box 1122, East South Street, Globe, AZ.

He had lived in Globe for 43 years so he came to Globe when he was 8 years old.  
ROBLES, Carlos Lopez (I70)
30 He died at the Veterans Hospital in Tucson. SMITH, Henry Joe (I247)
31 He was baptized as a Catholic in the Parish of Ures, Sonora, Mexico. His godparents were Cayetano Navarro and Gradalup Gonzales. ROBLES, Rafael Juan Nianoz Luna (I4)
32 He was baptized at the Catedral de la Asuncion, Hermosillo, Mexico.

His godparents were his father Andres' sister Gertrudis Robles and her husband Antonio Osuna. 
ROBLES RIVERA, Jose Andres (I46)
33 He was born at home, 393 Naco Road, Bisbee, Arizona at 10:12 p.m. He was the 3rd child of John and Concepcion. Edmeston Darrogh was either the physician or the midwife who signed the birth certificate. He worked at Cole Dispensary, Bisbee, Arizona.  SMITH, Arthur Albert (I248)
34 He was buried at 4:00 p.m.. Services were held at his home at Pinal Creek by a Catholic Clergyman. ROBLES, Arnulfo Lopez (I68)
35 Her birth certificate reads, Vernadena. Her death certificate reads, Francisca. YBARRA, Vernardena (I75)
36 Her civil registration of birth was in San Pedro de la Cueva, Sonora, Mexico by her mother Luz on February 20, 1929.

Why this did not occur until after 20 years of her birth isn't known. And why in San Pedro?

She was born at 12:30 in the afternoon and was the 11th of their children.

BUSTAMANTE, Josefa (I25)
37 Her parents were Guillermo Olivarria & Jesus Cruz.
Her sisters were Maria Teresa, Isabel, and Socorro. 
OLIVARRIA, Carmen (I1280)
38 Her twin brother was Rafael Juan Nicanoz Robles. ROBLES, Maria de Guadalupe Felicitas Candada (I3024)
39 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. ROBLES, Ernest (I80)
40 His father John was 49 and his mother Concepcion was 35 years old when he was born.  SMITH, Arthur Albert (I248)
41 His name is listed as "Ledeo" on his birth certificate. Have no idea when Grandma Carlota changed his name to, 'David'. NORIEGA, David Robles (I79)
42 His name on his birth certificate is "Arturo Alberto Smith".
He legally changed his name to Arthur Albert Smith in 1967. He had to provide two affidavits to have his name changed. His brother Henry Joe Smith submitted an affidavit along with Mrs. Mary Bays a personal friend.

His military record showed his name to be Arthur Albert Smith. He served in the Navy from March 28, 1944 until February 4, 1946. His rank was PSC, NB TI. He received an Honorable Discharge while serving at San Pedro, CA. This information about his military duty was provided by J.B. Warner, Lt. Comdr. USNR.  
SMITH, Arthur Albert (I248)
43 His parents were Felix Ruiz and Encarnacion Munguia. RUIZ, Jesus Munguia (I961)
44 His parents were Ignacio Ruiz and Guadalupe Tarazon. RUIZ TARAZON, Emilio (I807)
45 His parents were Refugio G. Molina and Ramona Soto MOLINA, Jose del Carmen Soto (I802)
46 His twin sister was Maria de Guadalupe Felicitas Candida Robles. ROBLES, Rafael Juan Nianoz Luna (I4)
47 I believe Eduardo was buried at Evergreen Cemetery, Lowell, Arizona a small town right next to Bisbee.

He was single at the time of his death. He was a laborer at the mine in Bisbee or the smelter, not sure which.

His uncle by marriage, Harvey
Buttner made the funeral arrangements and paid for the service over the course of 6 installment payments. The total cost was $46.00.  
ROBLES RIVERA, Eduardo (I44)
48 In the Parish of Ures she was baptized. Her godparents were Eligi Grijalva and Gregoria Calderon. ROBLES, Gregoria Basiliza Perfecta Luna (I8)
49 John was born in Posen, Germany, His last name according to his son Henry was changed from Schmidt to Smith when he immigrated to the United States. SMITH, John Alex (I246)
50 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. MUNOZ CORRAL, Angel (I134)

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