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Everyone you see on these pages, with the exceptions of spouses, are direct descendants of Francisco and Rita Luna Robles.  Besides Robles, as you might imagine, you are going to see many surnames such as Burolla, Munoz, Provencio, Durazo, Ramirez, Valerio, Salas, even Smith, to name a few.  You will find over 700 families representing close to 4,000 individuals.

There is a lot to enjoy on this site.  Family photos, stories, a blog that serves as a newsletter which covers the *fun* stuff and then there is the genealogy which pertains to the *serious* purpose of this site.  It deals with our Robles family generation by generation providing primary and secondary documentation and records, when available.

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I’m Vivian Robles Durazo and this is my brother Frank. 

Soy Patti Robles Urias de Guaymas, Mexico

Hola a todos

We are the Silcox family from Georgia

Casey, Shelby, Haydn, and Julie

I'm Tibo Munoz

Bienvenidos from Tucson, Arizona.

Hello from California

I’m Beth Robles and this is my son Danny.

Hi, I'm Quentin. I live in Washington state.

Glad to see you!  

I'm Rosa Buttner Juarez.

I turned 100 in August 2017!!

We Are One Big Family

Rita Luna Robles is our common ancestor.  She was born in the 1830’s in Mexico and died in Bisbee, Arizona in 1918.  She was married to Francisco Robles.  They had five sons; Francisco, Miguel, Rafael, Plutarco, Andres and five daughters; Eulogia, Gertrudis, Luz, Guadalupe, and Gregoria.  They were all born in Mexico.

Miguel, Plutarco, Francisco, Andres, and Gertrudis settled in the Arizona Territory before it became a state in 1912.  Eulogia remained in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico until she died and Luz lived in Sasabe, Sonora, Mexico.

Each of us come from a specific line…from one of the children of Rita and Francisco.  For example, I come from the Miguel line, Tibo Munoz comes from the Gertrudis line, and Sam Robles comes from the Plutarco line, but we ALL come from the Francisco & Rita Luna Robles line.

Which is your family line?

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My name is Susan.  My mother Lydia was a Robles through her mother Carlota who was the daughter of Miguel who was the son of Francisco & Rita Luna Robles.

It has been my pleasure to research our Robles family for the past 8 years.